Your Kitchen and Bathroom Redesigns Exciting Ideas

Whether you’re having your kitchen refinished, it would be great for you to have a stash of ideas which you can get inspired by. For instance if you would like to have a clean, inviting look in your kitchen you can dabble on the idea of Coastal themed designs in your cooking space. You can also add some lighting techniques into this area so the food you’re preparing will be even more appreciated. Your kitchen and bathroom redesigns are simple ideas that make sense of attractiveness.

While you’re in the process of looking into a couple of designs, you’ll certainly need a refinisher who can breathe in some new life into your space. This is where some of Chicago’s top re-designers will be quite helpful, so be sure to coordinate with a reliable provider today. Going Coastal with your décor can be a relaxing approach for your kitchen. This should be perfect if you’re a huge fan of the beach, so you would not be missing the waves as much.

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Tapping into your personal style of home décor can be an exciting endeavor. Granite Transformations makes the process seamless by helping you coordinate the perfect combination of cabinets, countertop and backsplash to create the beautiful space you’ve always dreamed of.

Coastal Style

American Coastal Style is derived from a palette that is drawn from the beach, sand, shells and sky. Light, breezy, openness and a carefree atmosphere are the feelings that coastal spaces should evoke. Wood colors should remain light and weathered, like the blonde maple and bisque cabinets featured in the images below. You can bring natural warmth and texture with wicker furniture, touches of rope, sea grass or nautical ball pulls to round out your coastal design. Furniture should have an air of casual, weathered sturdiness.

Kitchen and Bathroom Redesigns

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The collection of colors and textures are reminiscent of the beach and oceanfront living. This is achieved through the use of deep, calming blues (the colors of the ocean and sky), sandy browns, “Mother of Pearl” shell (found in our gorgeous Metropolis Pearl mosaic tiles) and light maple that all come together to create a soothing atmosphere of relaxed sophistication. Our mosaic tile mixes, coffee mix with deep and light browns and charming mix of deep blues perfectly capture the essence of the sand and sea.


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Coastal Bathroom Featured Products

Iconic coastal colors are reminenscent of coral, and shells you find when scouring the beach or the bright white tops of waves as they hit the shoreline. The Flourishing 1 mosaic tile wallpaper pictured in Coastal Bathroom: Look #1 above pervades a beachy vibe of the sun and creatures from the sea. Coastal finishes are often matte (with a chalky spin), as opposed to shiny and shimmery. Layered colors of beige, khaki and cream evoke feelings of shifting dunes, which are perfect for bathrooms. Purity and simplicity are the key for creating coastal color schemes.

Bathroom and Kitchen Redesigns

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After considering a Coastal look into your kitchen, you may then consider some additional tastes of the sunshine into your interiors. There are techniques which you can look into, so some areas may specifically be well-lit and highly inspiring to look at. Now that you’re ready to your home renovation or bathroom refinishing, here is a quick guide into looking and choosing your perfect tile that suit your home style.

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There are endless options when it comes to tile; the trick is finding the right one for you. Here we’ll split the decision making process into two phases:

Phase 1: Functionality

Where and how will the tile be used?

   Floor  Wall  Counter  Back splash
 Kitchen Porcelain
Natural Stone
Anything Porcelain
Glazed Ceramic
Natural Stone
 Bathroom Natural Stone

* These are simply suggested applications based on durability, moisture absorption, and traction. Ask a professional if the tiles you chose are suitable for your intended application.


  • Porcelain, Glass, and Glazed Ceramic are the easiest to clean.
  • Natural stone provides better grip.
  • Porcelain vs. Ceramic
    • Ceramic tiles are more susceptible to moisture than porcelain
    • Porcelain tiles are more durable than ceramic
    • Ceramic tiles PEI ratings can range from 1-5, but the majority of ratings are on the lower end

Phase 2: Appearance

What feeling do you want to evoke?


Tile colour can play a large part in the overall impression of a room. Lighter colours make for a brighter room, while darker colours add warmth and an air of prestige. Sticking with a neutral palette allows you to change up your accessories. Continuing with one consistent colour throughout a room is also a great way to make the space seem larger.Bathroom Redesigns



Generally, larger tiles give the illusion of a bigger room, while smaller tiles have a tendency to make a space feel more enclosed. Small tiles such as mosaics are great for adding a personal touch with something like a backsplash or accent wall. You can also use them as a border around larger tiles to define a space. If an installation is going to require a lot of cuts, for things like fixtures, consider choosing smaller tiles to give the room a better flow.

kitchen redesigns ideas

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Rectangular tiles can be used to establish the flow of a room, or to give the impression of increased width/length. You can mix up different tiles in the same space but make sure they follow a consistent direction to avoid a room that seems disjointed.


Now how we see it, tiles should be looked at as an investment rather than an expense. That being said, here are some general price ranges to give you an idea of what you’re dealing with.

 Tile Type  Price Per Square Foot
 Ceramic  $2 – $20
 Porcelain  $3 – $25
 Natural Stone  $7 – $20
 Glass  $7 – $30

You’ll be sure to have quite an inviting kitchen with these decorative ideas. If you’ll be having your kitchen refinished, you must look for a service provider which can have more than one specialization. This way if you would like to further extend your refinishing project, you’ll only need to speak with one contact person.

Budget Refinishers, Inc, are the experts in Kitchen and Bathroom Redesigns and refinishing both kitchens and bathrooms. With their exceptional and high quality of work, clients are usually assured the refinishers will not cut corners so they can get their money’s worth. Pl us, they only use the highest quality of products in every project they embark in.

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