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Thinking of Replacing Your Bathroom Wall or Kitchen tile?

Did you know that your bathroom wall tile or kitchen tile can also be refinished? Refinishing the tile walls in your bathroom or kitchen can save you up to 75% of replacement costs. Replacing tile is a mess and a headache. It takes many days to finish, and if your tile is in any decent condition, its more cost effective and les time consuming to refinish them. We recommend refinishing your tub and tile at the same time as you will save the most time and money doing them together. We also re-caulk everything so you can get that crisp, new look. Not only will you save hundreds, even thousands, you will never have to scrub dirty grout lines again! Whether your tiles are chipped, missing grout in several areas, or you want to change the color of your tile, refinishing is a much more affordable option than replacing your current tile walls. Budget Refinishers offers a wide variety of colors to choose from. The kitchen or bathroom isn’t the only tile we can refinish! Let us know about your project and we’ll help you achieve the look you desire. 


Tile Repair

Budget Refinishers can repair chipped and cracked tiles! Once the refinishing process is complete, you won’t ever notice they were ever damaged in the first place!

Tile Backsplash Refinishing

The Tile Refinishing Process

When it comes to wall tile, Budget Refinishers refinishing process is very similar to bathtub refinishing. We always etch the surface to remove unseen residues such as: soap scum, body oils, dirt and other residues that have been left behind. This is an essential process to ensure a solid molecular bond between our product and the tile. If this process is skipped, as other refinishers may, it limits the life of your refinished tile.

If repairs are needed, we will fix any chips, cracks and fill in missing grout lines before we apply our coatings.

After we apply our high quality coatings, the result is a beautiful, glossy finish with clean and even grout lines. One of the great benefits to having your tile walls refinished is that the grout is permanently sealed, eliminating any need to ever clean or re-grout again! No more Mold! No more dirty, embarrassing grout lines. You will bathe and shower in comfort.

Color Choices

Budget Refinishers offers our standard white and many other optional color choices. We can even manufacture a custom color of your choice for a small surcharge.

Bathroom Fixtures

Budget Refinishers can also refinish your soap dishes, towel rods and toothbrush holders that may be built into your tile surround for a small surcharge.


We base our tile refinishing pricing on square footage. Call us for a quick estimate and see how much you can save!

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