Our Process

With over 20 years in the refinishing industry, Budget Refinishers has time tested multiple refinishing coatings, processes and techniques to ensure that we are able to provide you with only the highest quality refinishing services.   We have chosen to use the very best refinishing coating available.  It’s more expensive than other coatings, but the end result is magnificent in terms of the way the refinished tub, looks, cleans, feels, and holds up over time.  Our time-tested refinishing process has multiple steps, with each one being essential to the service life of the refinished tub, tile or fixture and full adhesion of the coatings. Budget Refinishers uses high output ventilation systems and safety equipment.


budgetrefinishing.com-bathtub-refinishing-processStep 1: Etch

Etching is a necessary and very important step of the refinishing procedure and ensures the maximum service life of your refinished tub. Etching removes unseen resides that would otherwise prevent proper adhesion of our coatings. Other companies promote “acid free” as a marketing device, insinuating that etching isn’t safe. Budget Refinishers uses a PH stabilized etching compound that becomes neutralized during the cleaning process and will not damage any surrounding surfaces.




FullSizeRenderStep 2: Surface Prep

If a bathtub has been previously refinished, sometimes, but not always, it is necessary to strip the tub to remove all traces of the previous product. Otherwise, the tub is sanded down with a high powered sander and smoothed down to its original finish to ensure full adhesion of our coatings.


Step 3: Repair & Mask Off

If a bathtub has chips, cracks, hole or rust, Budget Refinishers will use our high quality bathtub repair products to fix these damaged areas before applying our coatings. The bathtub is then masked & taped off to prevent overspray to the surrounding surfaces.


Step 4: Primer & Topcoat

Unlike the competition, we then apply multiple coats of the highest quality underwater epoxy primer and multiple coats of the industry’s highest quality acrylic urethane top-coat.


Step 5: Caulk & Clean

After the top-coat is applied, the tape and masking is removed to reveal a beautiful, glossy, like-new tub. Our technicians then professionally caulk the tub and will leave the area clean and tidy. (The only time masking is left up, is when a tub and tile are done together. This prevents accidentally touching of the wet surfaces and prevents dust and paper particles from falling into the tub and sticking to the tile before they are completely dry. They may be removed easily the next day.) The tub will be available for use the next day.



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