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tub refinishing chicago

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Don’t Replace, Refinish!

Thinking about replacing your tub? WAIT!  Why should you rip out your old tub when you can refinish it!? Bathtub refinishing is the most cost effective alternative to replacing a bathtub that is damaged, shows visible signs of wear, hard to clean, or has an outdated color.  Budget Refinishers can fix your old, dingy tub and make it look factory new again! We will repair any chips, cracks, rust and holes to restore the surface to look like a new factory finish! You’ll be surprised that just about ALL old tubs can be saved! We can repair and refinish cast iron tubs, fiberglass, porcelain, acrylic, solid surface material tubs and even jacuzzi tubs!  You will save THOUSANDS over replacement and avoid the headache of days or even weeks of a messy replacement process. The costs associated with removing and replacing a bathtub can add up to $3,000 or more.  Save yourself a lot of time, headaches and money by choosing Budget Refinishers!  for tub refinishing Chicago

Refinishing your Bathtub vs Replacement

One of the main reasons people choose bathtub refinishing is the savings verses replacement. …Or… Maybe you have a vintage tub that you’d like to keep, but it’s showing it’s age and not looking as good as it could? The main reason people choose replacement is that they have never even heard of bathtub refinishing!

Replacing your bathtub due to out-of-date colors, rust or damage that could otherwise be repaired can be a real headache and consume a lot of your free time and money.  The costs of replacing your tub can quickly add up to more than you wanted to initially spend.  Bathtubs run around $200-$300 at big box stores, however, most people don’t take into account the costs associated with the replacement process.  The current tub needs to be ripped out, causing damage to surrounding floor and wall tiles.  You will need to dispose of it as well – hopefully the tub isn’t multiple floors above ground! You’ll also need multiple licensed contractors and a licensed plumber.  You may need to apply for a permit.  If the bathtub isn’t an exact fit, the plumbing will need to be altered to fit the new tub.  The tiles on the floor and wall that were damaged need to be replaced.  Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? You CAN choose to skip the headaches! Give Budget Refinishers a call and keep it simple and inexpensive and still get the result you desire.  You can modernize and upgrade the look of your bathroom in hours, not weeks! Your bathtub will be completed in 2-3 hours and needs only 24 hours to cure & dry.  On average, you’ll save a minimum of 30% to 70% on refinishing your existing bathtub vs. replacing your tub. As a standard point of reference, get multiple quotes of refinishing vs. replacing. When making your decision, be sure to compare warranties, guarantees, durability, colors and service. Check out our “WHY CHOOSE US?” page and feel free to browse our site. You’re sure you’ll find all the answers you are looking for, and if not, please feel free to call and ask! You can check out our services page for a list of many other refinishing options.


Designed with your safety in mind

Years were spent developing an anti-slip application for bathtub bottoms to prevent accidents due to slips and falls. The standard plastic bath mat fails to do this, if anything, makes it worse! We here at Budget Refinishers care about the safety of you and your family. We use a special product that can be installed during the bathtub refinishing process. The Non-Slip mat is applied in the shape of a bath mat. Our special non-slip product can be built into the finish and will offer slip protection for the life of the refinished tub.

Surprisingly, most children are supervised while they are injured in the bathtub. Budget Refinishers solves that problem with the addition of our Non-Slip mats. Rest assured, our Non-Slip product offers 10 times the national standard for a slip resistant surface.  The surface can easily be cleaned with mild liquid soap.


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Bathroom Sink Before

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Sink Refinishing

Does your bathroom or kitchen sink have chips, cracks or is just difficult to clean? Rust that is difficult to remove or maybe your sink is an outdated color? Budget Refinishers also repairs and refinishes many types of sinks! Love your vintage sink? Don’t worry! Budget Refinishers can save it! We can reglaze many types of sinks and various types of materials including but not limited to; pedestal sinks, vintage sinks, farmhouse drain board sinks, apron sinks, acrylic, and porcelain enamel on cast iron sinks.   We will repair all chips, cracks and holes so you don’t have to replace your sink! This is a very cost effective option verses replacement for homeowners and commercial properties. If you’re refinishing your sink, you may also consider refinishing your countertop! Yes, we can do that too!


Shower Base Before


Shower Base After







Shower Base/Pan Refinishing

Budget Refinishers doesn’t just do tubs! We can restore your old stand up shower base or shower pan to a “like-new” finish.   We can refinish all different materials including acrylic and fiberglass shower bases! Damaged shower base? We can fix cracks, holes, chips and rust. We can also repair non-plumbing related leaks! If needed, at the same time, you should consider refinishing the tile surround as well. Give your whole shower a face-lift! Call us today tub refinishing chicago for pricing!

(Please note: we do not refinish tiled shower floors. Why?  Because it’s the nature of a shower pan to hold moisture, and that moisture can work its way up through the grout lines and eventually cause the floor surface to bubble and peel up. Budget Refinishers stands by our work, therefore we will not do work that doesn’t hold up to a warranty!)



Replacement of Overflows & Drains

Don’t let your ugly old drains and overflows ruin the look of your newly refinished tub! Budget Refinishers can replace your old drain and overflow with shiny new ones! Call us today and give your tub a whole new look! Here’s a tip: If your drain is not bulging its because your bathtub is more than 30 years old. Or it’s possible that the drain has never been removed and there is a definite possibility that it could break when trying to remove it.  We don’t want to risk that, and you shouldn’t either, so we’ve come up with a solution! We offer a work-around that fits on top of your existing drain, looks great, and is fully functional. We offer this in a shiny, new, chrome finish.

Tub refinishing Chicago

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