Below are answers to frequently asked questions about the bathtub and tile refinishing services offered by Budget Refinishers. If you still have questions, please contact us, we’ll be happy to help.

  1. How much money do I really save by refinishing my tub?

    Budget Refinishers will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over bathtub replacement. Buying a new tub may seem inexpensive, but there are many other hidden costs, such as; disposal cost, plumbing, installation and floor and wall tile work. After you’ve added everything up, you’ve just spent upwards of $2,500 to replace your old bath tub. The cost of refinishing can vary slightly depending on the type of tub you have (claw foot, Jacuzzi).

  2. How long will it last?

    A tub refinished by Budget Refinishers is extremely durable. The durability is very similar to a brand new tub. If you properly maintain your tub and use no abrasive chemicals for cleaning it will last you many, many, years just like a brand new bathtub.

  3. Do you offer a warranty or guarantee?

    Budget Refinishers 100% guarantees all of our work.  We offer an industry leading 5 year non-prorated WRITTEN warranty.  If your refinisher doesn’t offer a written warranty, beware!  Look elsewhere!

  4. How long does it take?

    Refinishing your bathtub will only take 2-4 hours to complete.  Your bathtub will be ready for use in 24 hours.  If you replace your tub, you’ll wait days or weeks to use your tub again!  With Budget Refinishers you can use your tub the very next day at a fraction of the cost!EndFragment 

  5. How is Budget Refinishers refinishing process different from other Bathtub Refinishers?

    A lot of refinishing companies like to take “short cuts” to cut costs. They will skip the etching and priming steps of the refinishing process and/or use less coats of paint. It has been proven by Industry wide studies and laboratory testing that these are critical steps for maximum adhesion. Without them, you lose out on durability and before you know it, your finish will fail. Visit “OUR PROCESS” page and “REFINISHING SHORTCUTS” for more info.

  6. What is etching & what is it’s purpose?

    Etching is done to remove any unseen residues and film that would prevent solid adhesion of our product. Etching is a necessary and very important step of the refinishing procedure and ensures the maximum service life of your refinished tub. Other companies promote “acid free” as a marketing device, insinuating that etching isn’t safe. Budget Refinishers uses a PH stabilized etching compound that becomes neutralized during the cleaning process and will not damage any surrounding surfaces.

  7. Can you refinish a tub that has previously been refinished?

    Yes, a tub that has been refinished before can be refinished again. We will remove all traces of the old coatings before we apply the new finish.

  8. Can you refinish a tub that has/had a liner?

    A tub that has/had liners installed can be refinished. Budget Refinishers will remove the liner and then refinish the original bathtub.

  9. How do I clean & maintain my tub?

    You’ll be surprised that your refinished tub is easier to clean than your old tub! Just be sure to use a mild, non-abrasive cleanser. Similar to a new bathtub, the finish or shine will be dulled by abrasive cleaners. We have care and maintenance instructions that we will leave with you that will instruct you on what products not to use.

  10. Will my tub look like it was painted?

    Only if it was painted with a brush! Budget Refinishers uses high quality HVLP spray equipment to refinish your bathtub. Your bathtub will not look like it was painted! The product we use is more like a coating than a paint. Our highly trained, skilled technicians pride themselves on the fact that most people cannot tell the difference between a brand new bathtub and one that has been refinished by Budget Refinishers.

  11. Are your Non-Slip Surfaces hard to clean?

    Some refinishers offer a similar product, however, they are applied in strips which makes it harder to clean.  Budget Refinishers applies our non-slips in the shape of a bath mat and the surface is easily cleaned with mild soap and a soft brush.

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