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Don’t Pay Full Price To Rebuild Your Bathroom, Refinish It With Us!

Budget Refinishers of Chicago is a professional company that has been providing refinishing services since 2013. The company’s aim is to provide high quality tile and bathtub refinishing services at an affordable cost. To achieve this, the process is handled by experienced expert technicians using top-notch products.

After the services, it becomes a difficult task differentiating between a new and a surface that has been refinished by Budget Refinishers. The benefit of this service is the newness and the fact that the refinishing product will add more than 15 years to the life of your vanity, tiles, bathtub and countertops. Budget Refinishers only works with highly trained and experienced technicians who will always ensure that the work is professionally done. The company is insured and licensed and uses specialized processes to provide results that will meet your needs. The following are the services offered:budgetbathtubrefinishers-slide-3

Bathtub Refinishing

Budget Refinishers are experts in transforming your old bathtub into a look that is as good a new. In the process, all chips, rust spots, holes and cracks are repaired. This is to make sure that the surface gets the shiny new look it had when you had the bathtub first installed.

Sink Refinishing

If your kitchen or bathroom sink looks old, has holes, cracks chips and rust spots that are compromising its appearance, you can trust Budget Refinishers to give it a new look. We repair and refinish different types of sinks to give them back their lost glory.


Vanity and Countertop Refinishing

Do you have a countertop or vanity that appears outdated or has a faded or stained surface? Well, you are in the right place because Budget Refinishers is experienced in dealing with the damages and the old look on countertops and vanities to give them a great appearance. Our technicians will prepare the surfaces for repair and the application of a new finish that meets your needs.

Professional Repairs

Budget Refinishers will repair then refinish kitchen and bathroom surfaces. This will cut down the cost because you will not have to remove the surfaces. The technicians will restore the surfaces to their original state using high quality products.

Stand-up Shower refinishing

We do not only handle bathtubs, they also take care of stand-up showers that have lost their shine and have become old and rusty. Budget Refinishers will handle different materials such and fiberglass bases and acrylic.

Non-slip Surface installation

In addition to restoring different surfaces, Budget Refinishers also provide non-slip surfaces geared towards bathtub use. These surfaces are designed to prevent accidents through slipping in the bathtub. We care about you and your family’s safety and this is why we invested time and resources to create the non-slip surface.

Ceramic Tile Refinishing

We also refinish tile walls in the kitchen and in the bathroom. This refinishing process is aimed at saving you the cost of replacing the tiles. On average, you will save up to 75% of the total cost you would have spent in the replacement. For more information and affordable high quality refinishing services, contact Budget Refinishers today.

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