Why Refinish

Bathtub Refinishing Before

Bathtub Refinishing Before

The Refinishing Industry started over 25 years ago as a cost effective, time saving alternative to replacement.  It’s advantages are obvious. It is also referred to as reglazing, glazing or resurfacing.

Why refinishing is better than replacement!

  • The overall cost
  • Time frame
  • No permits or licenses needed
  • No need to hire a licensed plumber
  • No gutting
  • No damage to the floors or tile surrounding your tub
  • No need to replace floor or wall tiles that were damaged by the tub removal
  • Less Headaches!

Using Budget Refinishers, Inc. will save you unnecessary costs that will allow you to upgrade many other areas in your home. Why wait weeks for the replacement of your old bathtub when you can modernize your bath or kitchen by refinishing it in only a few hours?

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