Our Services

Budget Refinishers can fix your old, dingy tub and make it look factory new again! We will repair any chips, cracks, rust and holes to restore the surface to look like a new factory finish! 

Does your bathroom or kitchen sink have chips, cracks or is just difficult to clean? Rust that is difficult to remove or maybe your sink is an outdated color? Budget Refinishers also repairs and refinishes many types of sinks! 

Budget Refinishers also offers re-grouting, so there is no need to hire additional contractors! We will re-grout prior to our refinishing process to ensure a completely new look is achieved.

Countertop and vanity refinishing is the restoration of an outdated or damaged countertop/vanity to a look “like new” or like stone or granite without replacement. It involves the repair of damaged areas, prepping the surface and applying the new finish of your choice.

Budget Refinishers can repair and refinish almost any kitchen or bathroom surface! Never rip out another countertop or vanity again! If your kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity has stains, burns, cuts and other damage, we can restore it!

Budget Refinishers doesn’t just do tubs! We can restore your old stand up shower base or shower pan to a “like-new” finish. We can refinish all different materials including acrylic and fiberglass shower bases!

Designed with your safety in mind! Years were spent developing an anti-slip application for bathtub bottoms to prevent accidents due to slips and falls. The standard plastic bath mat fails to do this, if anything makes it worse! We here at Budget Refinishers care about the safety of you and your family.

Did you know that your bathroom wall tile or kitchen tile can also be refinished? Refinishing the tile walls in your bathroom or kitchen can save you up to 75% of replacement costs.