Non Slip Safety Surfaces

Mother With Children Relaxing In Bubble Filled Bath

Designed with your safety in mind

Years were spent developing an anti-slip application for bathtub bottoms to prevent accidents due to slips and falls. The standard plastic bath mat fails to do this, if anything, makes it worse! We here at Budget Refinishers care about the safety of you and your family. We use a special product that can be installed during the bathtub refinishing process. The Non-Slip mat is applied in the shape of a bath mat. Our special non-slip product can be built into the finish and will offer slip protection for the life of the refinished tub.

Surprisingly, most children are supervised while they are injured in the bathtub. Budget Refinishers solves that problem with the addition of our Non-Slip mats. Rest assured, our Non-Slip product offers 10 times the national standard for a slip resistant surface.  The surface can easily be cleaned with mild liquid soap.

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