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Countertop refinishing is the restoration of a outdated or damaged countertop to a look like new or like stone or granite without replacement. It involves the repair of damaged areas, prepping the surface and applying the new finish of your choice. This enables you to create a new look without the costly expenses of replacement! You’ll be amazed at how your old Formica or laminate counter top can now resemble granite or stone at only a fraction of the cost!

Is your bathroom vanity outdated? Surface damage? Hate the color? Have you walked around your local home improvement store only to find something similar and still expensive? Most bathroom vanities or kitchen countertops are in great physical shape and only need a color upgrade. They may have minor damage such as cuts, burns or chips that Budget Refinishers can repair.  Maybe you’d like a stone finish to give your home a modern look and feel. It’s amazing how countertop refinishing can dramatically improve the look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom.

If this is what you’re looking for, give us a call and let us transform your kitchen or bathroom and give it the modern look you’ve always wanted. We stand by our services and product to provide you with only the highest quality workmanship using the best products in the industry. You will be able to customize and coordinate the best option for you with our on-site estimate and color brochure. You can look, touch and feel our finished product BEFORE you buy so you will never be disappointed in the final outcome.

Refinishing your Countertops & Vanities vs Replacing them

The main reason people choose countertop refinishing is the savings verses replacement. Replacing your countertop or bathroom vanity due to out-of-date colors or damage from use that could otherwise be repaired can be a time consuming project. First you have to pay for and purchase the replacement countertops, set an appointment usually a week or two out, remove and dispose of the old counters and then clean up the mess. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, hopefully you’ve measured correctly as your new countertops may have different dimensions. Don’t forget the holes for the sink and fixtures! But if you choose to skip the headaches, you can call Budget Refinishers and keep it simple and inexpensive and still get the result you wanted. Countertop refinishing costs minimal vs replacing your countertops. You can modernize and upgrade the look of your kitchen or bathroom to your desired look and feel in hours, not weeks! Your bathroom vanity and kitchen countertop will be completed in 1 day and needs only 24 hours to cure. In summary, on average, you’ll save between 30% – 70% on refinishing existing countertops vs replacement. As a standard point of reference, get multiple quotes of refinishing vs replacing. When making your decision, be sure to compare warranties, guarantees, durability, colors and service.

We can make your countertop, vanity or tile walls resemble stone or granite!

Stone and Granite countertops have now become the modern standard. Because of this, the demand for our low cost alternative – stone-like finishes, have increased. Verses replacement, you can save an average of about 80%. An upgraded look and feel is easy and inexpensive to achieve with out stone-like product. Have the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams for 80% less than replacement! Don’t worry, no one will be able to tell the difference between our stone-like finishes and real granite or stone!

Our stone-like finishes offer many other advantages such as superior stain and acid resistance versus real stone. With real stone you would have to seal the surface every 6-12 months! With the application of our stone-like finish, the surface is non-porous, thus eliminating the hassle and cost of reasealing. Budget Refinishers offers a surprisingly wide variety of colors. Check out our colors below. When you’ve decided to refinish your counters or vanities, Budget Refinishers will give you an in-home estimate and you can view our color brochure in person and be able to feel and see our finishes. The only hard part will be choosing one of our great colors!

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