bathtub refinishing serviceYou are a proud Chicago homeowner and you like to take care of your home. This year you’ve decided that you need to freshen it up by doing some light renovation.

The first place you want to start is your bathroom. You plan on doing a fresh paint job, installing a new faucet on the sink with a new vanity mirror above it. The next job on your renovation list is a little more involved, you need to decide on whether it’s better to replace your bathtub or have it refinished. What are the benefits to refinishing your bathtub versus having it replaced?

Refinishing Is More Economical

Replacing a bathtub involves a lot of work as well as disruption to your life. It means that you have to tear down and remove your old bathtub from the room and dispose of it. It is usually necessary to obtain a building permit and hire a certified plumber and carpenter.  The installation of plumbing pipes, the framing of the new bathtub, repair to any damaged area require a lot of materials,  takes time and require a considerable investment. At Budget Refinishers in Chicago, we offer a cost effective  alternative to the replacement of your bathtub.Our preparation process employs an etching product that removes all traces of residue, as well as repair to any parts of the tub that are damaged by using appropriate patching products. Our application process involves the refinishing of your tub with multiple coats of high quality underwater epoxy primer  and multiple coats of the highest quality acrylic urethane top-coat. This process involves no destructive renovation and the finished product is ready to be used within 24 hours.

A Very Durable Acrylic Finish

The technicians at Budget Refinishers are experts in the field and only employ commercial grade equipment and techniques to apply a very durable acrylic surface that will last for years. Our high volume ventilation system along with our safety equipment ensures that the job is completed in the safest way possible. We are very meticulous in our cleanliness and we employ only experienced certified technicians to get the job done right. Our technique does not require the use of any tradesperson such as a carpenter or plumber, so this way you don’t have to manage any extensive crew. We back our work with a 100% guarantee on our labor as well as an industry leading 5 year non-prorated written warranty on the material.

Here are a few extra benefits of having your bathtub refinished by a professional

  • Much less aggravation from lengthy renovations
  • Is applied directly on your existing bathtub
  • Fast turn around time, 2 to 3 hours to complete the work and 24 hours to dry
  • Much more affordable in terms of time and money

Instead of replacing your tired bathtub, save money and refinish it. Call us today to discuss bathtub refinishing with one of  our specialists at Budget Refinishers in Chicago

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